Living, Dying and Colouring In


Launching today September 2018 … A space to download thoughts and insights, especially around coping with loss, grief and bereavement.


I have spent my whole life on a search into the mysteries and enigma of the human experience.  When my daughter passed away in 2017 at age 26, life as I knew it was totally shattered and every bit of wisdom, learning, inner strength and courage has been called into action.

When asked what their greatest regret is, people about to die say this; “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”


I would love you to join me as I cook, write, create, explore and rediscover what that means - “being true to yourself,” as I continue the  journey back to health and well being.  

If you are someone searching for settlement, inspiration, encouragement and happiness, I hope you find yourself at home here.


55 and still learning ... Wife, Mother, Cook, Business owner, Coach and Change Champion for myself and others


I took the opportunity of a gentle, sunny autumn afternoon to visit Danni before winter sets in.

Away from the busy and often chaotic pace of daily life, it's funny how a cemetery can be one of the most peaceful places a person can spend time..  It's always very still and therefore internally stilling - a time of reflection and gathering of one's thoughts.

I always start when walking up the path by saying hello.  I sit on Danni'...

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