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Chicken Mole Lettuce Cups

October 24, 2018



Seeking a taste of Mexico tonight, but I didn’t have the time for the lengthy process of homemade Mexican sauces.


However, when you find amazing quality, pre-made alternatives – then go for it!



I reach for the artisan range of salsas and sauces from the Red Hot Kiwi Company in West Auckland. Freshly made, no preservatives or additives - just honest simple and organic.  I'm proud to say that this incredible produce is hand made for market by my effervescent, passionate for all things chilli, sister - Yvette. I have seen first hand, Mexican and American tourists living and travelling abroad, weep with pleasure. (seriously) The authenticity and vibrancy of her salsa, reminds them of their Mamas food and home. 




Today we feature Mole Chicken – fast and tasty.  We are serving ours in lettuce cups accompanied with a tangy coleslaw with a hint of salsa verde and a roasted pepper, sweetcorn and avocado salad, topped off with pepitas.


Mole is an incredibly complex sauce and differs widely from region to region across Mexico.  Based on the classics, this sauce is packed with flavour. Nuts and seeds, chocolate, fresh fruit like banana and dates, chillies, herbs and warming spices like cinnamon and allspice.  It's rich and has a depth of flavour which surprises your palate as you go from sweet to savoury in one delicious mouthful.



Recipe – feeds 4




2 chicken breasts

Heaped ¼ cup Mole sauce

1/8th cup Chicken stock

8 Medium sized Cos lettuce leaves washed and dried

Salt and pepper to season



  • Slice chicken into bite sized strips (you want them easy to manage inside a lettuce cup

  • Season chicken liberally with salt and pepper

  • Mix together mole with  chicken stock (you want a thick yogurt consistency – not runny.  You may need to add a little more stock or water)

  • Heat a heavy based pan until its screaming hot

  • Toss a drizzle of olive oil into the fry pan and quick fry your chicken

  • Take the chicken off the heat and quickly stir in the mole and chicken stock mix.

  • Place into lettuce cups and serve with side salads, extra sauces and toasted pepitas.




 On the table in 30 minutes - thanks to the Red Hot Kiwi Company! You can find her on Face Book at at all the good local markets.




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