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Essentials Lemon Oil

October 26, 2018

Kylie taught me some ‘bed yoga’, while actually looking rather funny, does get the blood moving and the muscles warmed up before leaping out of bed.  After that, it’s a quiet, meditation process, aided with essential oils. I am happily discovering as I experiment, oils can set the tone of the day.


This morning I reached for Lemon Oil which has the curious mixture of being both stimulating and calming at the same time.


In a nano second I was transported back to a time when I was 12 years old, to a house I loved with a beautiful lemon tree.  I would run and gather these huge, bright yellow, zingy, citrusy balls, haul them inside and my Mum would make hot lemon tea.  Those memories invoked feelings of safety, happiness warmth and youthful joy. I find it incredible that a couple of drops of Lemon oil in a diffuser could have such a powerful effect.


For those of you who enjoy a bit more of the “how that works” side of life… When oils are vaporised through a diffuser, the small droplets are inhaled and the olfactory system goes to work with the limbic system. This is a part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell and is related to feelings and memory.


Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other of our senses and recognition of smell is immediate". (von Have, Serene Aromatherapy) Smells bypass our conscious brain and go directly to our automatic response centres.


No wonder then that essential oils can alter our moods.


My whole house smells like lemons today!  Its diffusing in the bedroom, I popped a couple of drops in my vacuum cleaner filter and have just finished seasoning an old wooden chopping board. To do that, scrub the board first with coarse sea salt rubbed in with half a lemon or lime.  Rinse under running water.  Place a couple of drops of lemon oil into 1 tablespoon of olive oil and using a cotton pad, massage the oil into your board - oniony smells are gone and you are left with fresh lemony goodness.  Because a good oil is ingestible, lemon is great on all food surfaces and wood just loves it!


Here are just a few other ways you can use lemon oil.


For all kinds of cleaning and cooking -  Lemon oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and leaves everything smelling fresh and invigorating.


  • Freshen your laundry (a few drops in the final rinse)

  • A couple of drops into the vacuum cleaner filter fills the air with fresh lemon goodness whilst you vacuum.

  • Mix 2 drops of oil into a small amount of olive oil and use to season wooden chopping boards – also takes away any food smells.

  • Clean kitchen surfaces – add to a spray bottle with a little vinegar to make metal surfaces shine and put just a little natural anti-bacterial property into porous surfaces like tile grouting.

  • Lemon is a great degreaser and can also remove sticky substances like gum from furniture and your child's hair!

  • Add a few drops to a non-toxic furniture polish or a hard honey to help preserve wooden furniture and protect leather.

  • For use in cooking.  A high grade essential oil is a must here if you are going to ingest it.

  • 1-2 drops into a glass of water for a refreshing lemony taste.

  • For any kind of cooking that requires a lemon taste from frosting for cupcakes, into a yoghurt based dressing.  I made hummus last week and used a combination of fresh lemon and two drops of essential oils which added an amazing depth of flavour.

  • When used with a diffuser, lemon oil can add make you feel clear and focused, invigorated and uplifted.

  • Added to warm water with honey can help with a scratchy throat.

  • Lemon is great for the hair, nails and skin – it brightens and shines – add only a tiny amount to either a carrier oil like coconut or almond.

  • Lemon oil can help exfoliate dead skin cells, try adding a couple of drops to oatmeal for a natural skin scrub.


Im careful about the quality of the food I put into my body which is already over burdened trying to deal with the amount of environmental toxins that are now part of everyday life.  So doing what I can by making greater efforts about the amount of chemicals and toxins in my home is important.


I use a range of oils called Essentials from a company with a no compromise policy.  I am just loving experimenting with their beautiful range of 10 oils (6 singles and 4 blends) ethically sourced, 100% pure and unadulterated.


Lavender – calming and relaxing

Lemon – skin, hair – invigorating and uplifting

Eucalyptus – revitalising, cooling

Frankincense – skin radiance, decompressing

Tea Tree – nourishing and purifying

Peppermint – Refreshing and uplifting – post workout cooling

Defense Shield – purifying, invigorating

Fresh – Invigorating breathing experience

Content – Satisfying, relaxing

Tumbliss – Soothing, Calming







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