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My Journey back to health

October 28, 2018



My personal health journey really is a work in progress…. Its not a unique story - no banner headlines, people lose weight and get fit and healthy all the time.


But people are asking: “What are you doing”? “Why are you doing it”?.   

This is an important question Why?.  Your WHY needs to move you at a very deep level. It has to be strong enough to propel you, hold you and carry you through all your old habits, others peoples opinions and all kinds of obstacles that will come to derail you.


This is my WHY…


Ordinarily, Danni giving me instructions and telling me what to do would have had a 50/50 chance of any kind of response.  If you know me, you will know, I don’t like being told what to do!


There is an almost inexplicable something that looks out of the eyes of a person who knows they are dying.  They know things that you do not. There is wisdom and an extra intelligence with them that comes from somewhere else. All the nonsense of life is stripped away.  A request like “Mum, take better f….ing care of yourself”, becomes a potent, strong call to action and a promise made to her that I knew I would keep.


During Danni's illness, I spent hundreds of hours researching diet and supplements in both non conventional and mainstream therapy - so much research, I almost got myself a degree! ! I spoke to people all over the world, dieticians, naturopaths, genetic researchers.  I read all the books, watched documentaries on every theory going - and believe me - there are thousands of theories and opinions about health and diet.  


Every day after Danni passed away, I would visit that conversation with her and my promise. I was neck deep in the process of grief, and so tired and fatigued from the previous two years of care-giving, my health was in danger and I weighed the heaviest I have ever been. I needed a solution that was easy and convenient, one I could manage without adding more stress. I didn’t want to starve myself, count points and calories and put myself into another diet prison. I have done that! . If you walk into a pharmacy or health shop the range of supplements is overwhelming and I didn’t have the head space to put it together for myself.


Feeling pretty desperate, nine months after Danni passed away, I met a good friend for coffee.  She had been on a health journey herself.  I saw that she had lost weight, but what really caught me was her energy - she was actually glowing.  That was it for me and I thought “I don’t care if it’s got petrol in it - I want it”.  


Here’s what happened …

I enrolled in a 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse Programme.  By Day 3, I started to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.  1 Week later, I was running up the stairs - which surprised the hell out me.  Day 9 and the fog in my head just disappeared and I had a clarity that had been missing for a long time and my energy levels just kept going up. Small aches, pains and niggles vanished.

In 30 days, I lost 7.5kg and 39cm and I have gone on to lose 17 Kg.


The weight loss is fantastic, Im thrilled - I get to go shopping and will have to do that a few times as there is still a chunk of weight to go!  Exercise and fitness is the second part of the puzzle.


In the end, it has boiled down to something quite simple.  Flood the body with dense, excellently sourced nutrition put together by people that know what they are doing - this stuff is not ordinary.


There are the skeptics and those that judge and think they know .. I was a skeptic and understand that everyone finds their own way.  Its dealing with the physical part of life, which in the scheme of things is small.  My first WHY was to keep a promise made to a human being I adored.   Danni knew me, she knew I had big dreams and a big vision that I was holding back. 


The second WHY, and the most important one of all, is to myself and the gift of life that we all have.  Being healthy and well enough to do something that honours that is everything.





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