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2019 Bullet Journal

January 6, 2019

Bullet Journalling was on Danni’s Bucket List and one of the things I took up in 2018.  I found it such a useful process with a simple and forgiving system, so  I’ve decided to keep it going this year.  


It took me three months of using a Bullet Journal initially, to find the pattern that worked well for me - keeping the daily pages simple and uniform was key with the most time invested in the Monthly Page.  The process undertaken each month allowed for both reflection on the previous month and time for planning and projection into the month ahead as well as being a great meditative and creative outlet.  


The biggest change I am making this year is the introduction of pages kept free for Diary writing.  Last year I spent some time diary/journalling in a separate book as part of my evening wind-down process.  It was an incredibly useful way of bringing together the day, collecting moments of gratitude and mentally grooming for the day ahead - like clearing out the trash.  Then life got in the way and I stopped!! So Consistency is also in there as one of my intentions for 2019 - but that’s a whole other Blog Post!


Danni loved notebooks and like so many of us paper and stationery lovers, it was the notion of the crisp, blank pages inviting a fresh start that inspired the hunt for a new journal. Her collection was lovingly researched - she would wait until just the right book called out and she could empty her thoughts, dreams and aspirations onto the waiting pages. I found these notes from a journal started in 2015 - the last writing journal she purchased.


“I was looking through FB and saw a HONYC post.  A lady had written in a journal for over 30 years.  You would think it rather innocuous, but every day for 30 years is so impressive to me. I thought I would give journal writing a go and I feel as though I have so many things to say.  On another level, I simply love the feeling of my pen flowing sinuously across the page - it’s like an indulgence.  Writing in a journal feels luxurious to me as well which is curious - I can sit on the couch with the cat for hours yet the action of putting pen to paper is indulgent? How does that make sense at all"?


So with Danni, once again in my mind and heart, the journalling journey continues …here are my 2019 set up pages 






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