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Salad in a Jar

February 14, 2019

Who knew so many people would be interested in “Salad in a Jar”?!


So after a bunch of messages and txts I rushed home from the gym and made some up while I was making dinner.






For some reason, we all liked it better when our milk came in glass bottles - okay so some of you are too young to remember those days. I did a bit of searching around the internet to see if there was any rational behind it and found a few things that made some sense - aside from the fact it just looks prettier.


Keeps food safe: We are all well informed now about toxic leakage from plastics - and though many plastics are deemed safe, glass is just cleaner.  It has a non-porous surface which doesn't absorb germs and can be washed at high temperatures.


Flavours tend to be enhanced, food simply tastes fresher and fuller stored in glass.  Glass surface repels food odors and residual flavours and you can  happily store glass in the freezer with less freezer burn.


Your helping the planet!! Using glass reduces landfill and saves energy on plastics inefficient recycling process.  There is something reassuring about moving away from the throw-away mindset.


Saves you money … once you have your jars you will have them for years and more than likely the battle for matching lids will also be gone.


At the end of the day, I use glass as often as possible, I like being able to see what is in the cupboard or the fridge at a glance - and so yes, the Salad in a Jar whilst done to save time is so much more appealing to eat out of a nice jar than a plastic box!


Here's how I put it together


Punnet of baby tomatoes

1 medium sized cucumber

1 red pepper

1 carrot

1/2 red onion

small bunch green beans (steamed)

6 brown mushrooms

handful of basil and parsley

1 bag salad leaves

1/4 cup dry roasted seasoned nuts and seeds


Its simple - just chop up your veg putting the wettest at the bottom and layering up the dryer items as you go..  Squeeze lemon juice over your carrots to stop them browning and drying out.  Use up just about anything in your fridge.

Don't put any salt or dressings into the jar.  Salt will draw out moisture and the dressing will cook your veg into a soggy mess.  I add lemon zezt plus some nuts and seeds that I have seasoned with my favourite spice which gives you the salt you need.  Roasted kale is also nice as added seasoning and a bit of a crunch.


I have started storing my herbs in jars in the fridge and the shelf life has increased nearly a week. 


The above quantities made 5 jars plus enough for a plate of salad for dinner.  Today, busy as usual, lunch was done in 2 minutes with a portion of chicken, 1/4 of an avocado for healthy fats and 1 jar of prepped salad.  A splash of olive oil and lunch was good to go in 2 minutes. 




Keep it simple, keep it fresh - healthy is easy especially if you are well organised.


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