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A Year of Bullet Journalling ... and much more!

March 4, 2019

Most people do their cast-up on the previous year around December.  I do mine in March - birthday to birthday and I always ask myself "Am I further along the road"?


This time last year, I was a couple of months into my fitness journey and kicking all kinds of goals.  I had also taken up Bullet Journalling to fulfill part of my 'Bucket List" promise to Danni - and down the Rabbit Hole I went into a world of Creative planning and organising.



When I made this decision - not only to take up Journaling, but to turn life around on many fronts; from health and welling being - both physically, emotionally and financially, I had no idea I would end up where I am now.

Just say YES and try new things has been my mantra over the last year. I've stepped so far out of my comfort zone, the line I crossed is a fuzzy haze in the distance.


I travelled to Israel and made some beautiful new friends - one in particular filled me with warmth, love and support - and I will cherish that forever - Ms Pressman (big hugs).


More visits to Melbourne and the welcoming smiles and lightness of spirit of the most gorgeous human on the planet, Kylie Grace.  That reminds me .... sort out my airpoints because I intend to see you so much more this year.


Getting fit:  Huge territory this one.

Physically, I tried a bunch of new things - Crossfit - not a fan! It was finding the right gym and Reign, my PT who is patiently whipping me into shape that has made the difference.  I am finding muscles in places I didn't know they existed and ENDORPHINS ... they are real!! 


Learning to lower my expectations - well that's' a tough one.  Shooting for the stars is in my nature - however when you have become as unfit as I was, then it's going to take some time.  That being said, 16 Week Challenge #3 was entered in Brisbane just over a week ago because who says a 56 year old can't be a finalist?  


Then there is the financial fitness.  Before Danni became unwell, I was seriously considering going back to Uni to upskill.  At the end of her life I was challenged on every level to find a new beginning to my own life . An opportunity fell into my lap something a few years earlier, I would not only have resisted but scoffed at but now consider the only vehicle to get me to the places and people that will fulfill a bigger intention of service and contribution.


It most certainly has been a year of highs and lows - letting go, and letting go again of so many things that were just not working.  The world of business, diving into the deep end, the personal development needed to meet the challenges has taken courage and will continue to do so, I've been to conferences, workshops and even a Gala - hardly knew myself! More swims at the beach over the summer than ever and rediscovering the art of shopping! 


Yes it has been hard work - and sometimes lonely but I have been amazed and often surprised by the sheer capacity of love and warmth that humans offer each other - even from people I hardly know. It is utterly brilliant to find people who just love what they do and want to help others - we all need more of that in the world.


So stepping now into the third March without Danni - the hole she left in our lives slowly but slowly mending. Sometimes I feel people wondering - what the hell is she doing"- "its okay people I know!!!  And Im reminded now of this saying



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